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As a skilled bankruptcy and debt settlement lawyer in Southern California, I take a personal approach to every case I handle. You are not alone in this. Together we can discuss solutions for managing your debt. So many consumers fall on hard times; I am just a phone call away.

Mission & Values

Compassion and Experience

I know how difficult struggling with debt can be, but with a little help, your struggles do not have to last forever. So many unexpected life events can lead you to miss payments on credit card debt, education debt, and medical debt. I am here to help. I never want you to feel as though you need to go through this process alone. I am an advocate who is here to help.


I believe that the best lawyers have compassion for others, and that their practice focuses on helping clients who need an advocate. 

Personal Connections

I work to build strong personal connections with every client I serve. I want to understand your experiences so that I can develop a debt strategy that works for you. 


While it is never easy to step into another person’s shoes, I believe that empathetic representation is the best way to help struggling debtors. 


I am committed to using my experience experience as a bankruptcy and debt negotiation lawyer to help others.

Meet Angela

Angela Mestre

I am a committed and compassionate debt negotiation and bankruptcy lawyer who provides personalized representation to those in need of help in South Orange County, North Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino.


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As a dedicated and experienced professional at an Orange County consumer bankruptcy firm, I can begin working with you today to manage your debt.